Energize your next board meeting, client meeting, lunch & learn, or other office event with healthful and delicious box lunches from LunchOwl.

We remove the guess work and minimize the administrative hassle of coordinating lunches for your group. 

It’s tricky to estimate the number of standard, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free lunches to be sure each of your guests has a lunch they'll enjoy. We solve this problem by taking a more personal approach. We provide you, the coordinator, with a simple order link to email to your guests. They make a personal selection. The boxed lunches are labeled with names and delivered to your office. Easy peasy.

Impress your guests with your focus on fresh, energizing, and delicious food options.

We’ve been known to delight folks all over the map -- from golden arch-loyalists to hard core health nuts. Our philosophy: Meet you where you are and provide a lunch that’s one small step in the direction of better health. Our fresh and scratch-made lunches will make your guests feel like a million bucks -- and give them the focus and stamina to finish the day strong.

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Let's rock and roll.

Drop us a note at catering@lunchowl.com or give us a ring at 216-672-0655 to coordinate lunch for your group.