Summer Berry Energizer Salad

Summer Berry Energizer Salad

We’re looking for a warm, inquisitive, and fast-moving person interested in joining a quickly growing startup. You'll prepare sauces, dressings, spreads, vegetables, proteins, and grains from scratch. And, you'll assist with lunch assembly and other tasks.

Here's a little about us:

LunchOwl is a fun and innovative workplace lunch service.
We partner with forward-thinking companies to provide their team members with fresh & energizing lunches. Our service leads to a happier and healthier team that gets more stuff done.

We're on a mission to make it simple for office workers across the country to eat well and feel their best.
We deliver the nourishing food that your mind and body need to thrive. We treat you with the warmest hospitality to delight and inspire you. We cheer you on so you can achieve more than you ever thought possible.

We’re currently in partnership with 50 companies and adding more every month.
We’ve received a strong reception from both employees (our guests) and their employers who contribute to the cost of our lunches. We’re adding new companies to our roster every month.

Learn more about LunchOwl’s service here:


And, a few things about you:

We may be right for each other if:

  • You’re a genuinely kind, thoughtful, and optimistic person.

  • You love learning and are in constant pursuit of resources that will help you fully shine.

  • You have a natural tendency to do something as well as it can possibly be done. And, when something isn’t right, you correct it without thinking too much about it.

  • You're fast and move with purpose.

  • You're okay rolling up your sleeves up and doing whatever is necessary. We're a startup and things are chaotic.

  • You feel energized when you have the opportunity to do something incredibly thoughtful for someone else.

  • You’ll happily help with any task that needs to get done.

  • You're fanatical about details.


Here’s some more about the position:


  • We work from early afternoon to 10 pm Sunday through Wednesday, 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday, and we’re off Thursday and Friday.

  • We have both full and part time openings available.

In the Kitchen

  • You'll be involved with the prep and assembly of our fresh and energizing menu which changes every week. Here are some recent menus.

  • Prepare sauces, dressings, spreads, vegetables, proteins, and grains from scratch.

  • Hold yourself to our high quality standard with everything we serve.

  • Share new menu ideas with our executive chef.

  • Help us find the most effective and efficient way to do things.

  • Keep a clean and sanitary work station. Help out as needed with other cleaning-related tasks.


We provide a free lunch with every shift.

Sound like fun? We’d love to hear from you. As a next step, please send an email explaining why this opportunity caught your eye and your resume to:

Thank you for considering this opportunity or sharing it with someone who may be the right fit.

Position Location:
5320 Stanard Ave
Cleveland, OH 44103