Here's a little about us:

LunchOwl is a fun, innovative workplace lunch service that launched in the Fall 2014.

We partner with forward-thinking companies to provide their employees with fresh & energizing lunches. Our service leads to a happier, healthier, and more talented team that gets more stuff done.

Our mission is to bring delight and good health to office workers across the country.

We strive to make our guests happier, healthier, and more productive in their life and at work. We provide them with food that makes them feel good about themselves, hospitality that delights them, and inspiration for living their best life.

We’re currently in partnership with over ten companies and adding more every week.

LunchOwl is off to a very strong start. We’ve received a strong reception from both employees (guests) and their employers who contribute to the cost of service on their behalf. We’re adding a new company to our roster approximately every week.

We have our eye on briskly expanding our service to additional markets.

LunchOwl is poised for growth beyond the Cleveland market. The timing is right: more people are interested in eating right today than ever before and companies are investing more in wellness today than ever before. We can do a lot of good by bringing our service to cities across the country.

Learn more about LunchOwl’s service here:


And, a few things about you:

We’re looking for an entrepreneurial executive chef / kitchen manager to launch and build LunchOwl with.

We may be right for each other if:

  • You feel energized when you have the opportunity to do something incredibly thoughtful for someone else.
  • You love learning and are in constant pursuit of resources that will help you fully shine.
  • You have a natural tendency to do something as well as it can possibly be done. And, when something isn’t right, your correct it without thinking too much about it. 
  • You’re a genuinely kind, thoughtful, and optimistic person.
  • When cooking for yourself, you gravitate towards fresh, healthy, simple, and energizing fare.
  • You dig the day-to-day hustle of operations. You’re at your best when managing and leading a team and you have a proven track record of doing so. The philosophy behind servant leadership excites you and few things delight you more than seeing your people grow and thrive.
  • You have the self-awareness to know what makes you tick, what you’re really good at, and where your natural strengths lack.
  • You know that sometimes you’ll need to sweep the floor and clean dishes. You’ll happily help with any task that needs to get done.
  • You have respect for and understanding of technology solutions that help you manage food and labor, and a fundamental understanding of restaurant accounting practices.
  • You’re not just looking for a job. You want an opportunity to earn equity in a young company at the ground level. You want to work your butt off to build a remarkable company that makes a positive dent in the universe.


Here’s a run-down of the responsibilities of the position:

Systems and Kitchen Setup

  • We’re building something brand new that’s never been done before. A knack for experimenting, building systems and procedures, and finding ways to become more efficient is critical.


Menu Development

  • Collaboratively shape the LunchOwl guest experience.
  • Develop recipes that appeal to each of our guest personas which range from the Whole Foods shopping health nut to the fast-food eating dude in his twenties. We strive to meet each guest where they currently are and offer them a lunch that’s one step in the direction of better health. (Additional support can be provided on this front.)
  • Plan weekly menus that are streamlined for operational efficiency and please each of our guest personas.
  • Contribute to the development of our technology that will curate weekly menus for each of our guests.


Management and Leadership

  • Collaboratively define our core values and model & teach them daily.
  • Help create a culture where we put our employees first and where they know we truly care about their well-being.
  • Establish systems and guidelines for recruiting, screening, training, and managing employees to support our Cleveland operation and future growth.
  • Coach and provide feedback to our team members daily. And, hold one-on-ones on a regular basis.


Vendor Relationships

  • Select and build strong, mutually respectful relationships with suppliers that reflect our values. 
  • Implement and execute ordering and receiving protocols.
  • Leverage technology to make this process as efficient as possible.

Sanitization, Cleanliness, Safety, and Maintenance

  • Implement systems to regularly check and maintain safe holding and refrigeration temperatures.
  • Instill a focus on cleanliness and sanitization in our culture. 
  • Implement cleaning and maintenance schedules for facility, equipment, and supplies.
  • Train our team to safely operate all kitchen equipment and utensils.

Restaurant Accounting

  • Ensure that our food and labor cost targets are met.
  • Maintain our recipe database.

Continuing Education

  • Stay current in industry literature, read books and periodicals, and seek out other forms of inspiration that will help you grow personally and professionally.

Are you brimming with excitement? We’d love to hear from you. As a next step, please send your resume to Scott Himmel, LunchOwl’s founder. He can be reached at Thank you for considering this opportunity or sharing it with someone who may be the right fit.

Position Location:
10510 Park Lane
Cleveland, OH 44106