Making the right food choices is critical. We gravitate to what’s most convenient and until LunchOwl came along, that was always the bad stuff. It’s hard to put a price on having a healthy team. As an employer, LunchOwl is a no brainer.
— Jon Stahl, President, LeanDog
I love knowing that our team is well fed, that they don’t have to rush out of the office to grab food, and that they can spend time eating together. Our team enjoys having healthy and interesting meals delivered and really appreciates that we’ve made the service available.
— Jason Therrien, President, thunder::tech
Laura Bennett
There’s a tangible buzz in the office when LunchOwl arrives. It brings our team together in a natural way and helps encourage new friendships to form. We truly love it.
— Laura Bennett, CEO & Co-Founder, Embrace Pet Insurance
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